Our story

Founded in 2010, The Modular Agency is a design studio based in Inverness, Scotland. We offer a wide range of expertise in digital, print and brand design, helping to elevate your business to the next level.

We work with brands to develop culturally relevant and effective creative ideas that connect with a diverse range of audiences.

Our culture, requirements and behaviours are changing faster than ever before. With brand information consumption reaching new levels, we make sure organisations are penetrating markets and engaging with the right people.

Our Journey

Since our inception in 2010, we have grown exponentially and built a set of core abilities that have the potential to bring demonstrable value to any business with a hunger for growth.


Humble origins

The Modular Agency began trading, providing logo design, web development and a variety of print based assets to new business in Edinburgh and surrounding districts.


Cementing our brand

As the demand for our services grew, so did the the geography of our clients. By the end of 2018, The Modular Agency was servicing clients needs from North America to Australia.


Exponential growth

In 2019, we opened our first office having secured investment from private equity donors. Our client list grew, attracting customers from the financial services & entertainment sectors.


The new normal

Covid created both challenges and opportunity for the Modular Agency. We have seen huge growth in e-commerce platforms, helping business to thrive during these challenging times.

Doug MacKay

Company Owner

Doug MacKay has a wealth of experience in digital communications & design within both the private equity and financial services sector.

His portfolio ranges from food and beverage to hospitality, with brands such as Heather Fields, Cleartip and more.

Kim Jenson

New Business

Kim has been responsible for advising many London & Edinburgh agencies as well as private clients on a range of consultancy projects.

Her career has included talent procurement, art direction & budgeting, as well as providing strategic advice.

Sammy Campbell

Business Manager

Sammy is responsible for a wide variety of legal and commercial matters which are of critical importance to our core business interests.

Sammy has experience in arrangement and reconstruction, marketing and creative industries law.

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